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Secure SA is neither a security company nor a reaction organization. We disseminate information and assist mobilize communities and members. Secure SA is a network of networks. Neighborhood watch, police task teams, specialized industrial support teams, security companies and police reservists, South African Women's Agricultural Union with its 10000 members scattered across South Africa, Township patrols, and most importantly over 90 000 ordinary South Africans. Each member is requested to spread the word as the more members in the loop the safer our members become. 

the team

Collect and spread information about crime

We collect information on criminal activity and turn it into intelligent data then disseminate this information to the relevant members.

For example, members receive information by SMS or email pertaining to crime in their particular suburb.

Please report all criminal activity that you observe to Secure SA.

Collect and Spread Info

SMS Alerts to Members

We work on the philosophy that a member must look after themselves, their loved ones and those around them and collectively we look after each other.

Each member is requested to spread the word, as the more members are in the loop, the safer our members become.

Are you ok

The Community button (Also known as the Panic Button)

Assist its members through its members (via the Community button). The Community button provides people with the technology to let each other know when they need help in the case of an emergency.

The Community button, which is also known as a 'panic button,' is a service that you can sign up for with Secure SA. As part of the registration process for this service you will need to provide the contact details of 4 of your friends or family and you will be given a special number to save to your phone.

We always say to people that they should save this number to their contacts and make it a speed dial number. When you dial this number your 4 friends receive an SMS telling them that you need help. So at the flick of a button you have notified 4 people who care about you that you are in a dangerous situation!

The services we offer you as a Secure SA member:

• Panic Button on Cell Phone – Anywhere in SA
• 24/7 Managed Control Centre
• Crime Mapping in Area’s
• Relationship Building between SAPS/Communities
• SMS Communication
• E-mail Communication. 

Izidingo esikunika zona uma ulilunga lika Secure SA:

• Inkinobho oyicindezela esimeni esiphuthumayo noma ngabe ukuphi eSouth Africa
• Isikhungo sokuxhumana esisebenza ubusuku nemini
• Ukusebenzisa imap ukulawula ubugebengu endaweni
• Ukuxhumana namaphoyisa, Abosizo oluphuthumayo kanye nomasipala
• Ubudlelwano phakathi kwamaphoyisa nomphakathi
• Ukuthunyelelwa kwemilayezo nge sms
• Ukuthunyelelwa kwemiyalezo nge e-email

We use Sharaj Ambulance Sevices

sharaaj ambulance

Report a Crime Report

Contact Us

Please visit the eblockwatch Website for more information, email us on info@securesakzn.co.za or complete the contact form below. 

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